Hi-Rise is a monthly community newspaper/magazine serving apartments and townhouses, condos and co-ops, in selected areas of Greater Toronto.  We are an independent small business, not politically or philosophically aligned with any group.  Our goal is to encourage community-building and communication among hi-rise residents. 


Over 50 people are involved in the publication: as writers, salespersons, artists, student volunteers and many more.  Many of us are self employed, working out of our own apartment homes.  We are truly a "grass-roots" operation, ordinary people who care about and understand the apartment lifestyle.













It's been 38 years since I started Hi-Rise community newspaper in 1980.  There were many papers serving residents of houses (and still are) but very little out there for those of us who live in apartments and condos in the GTA. 

I had edited a small newspaper in Toronto's Flemingdon Park, where I am a condo owner, and quickly realized people wanted to get useful information with a positive emphasis. So when I established Hi-Rise, we made our theme,

"Encouraging creative, positive approaches to life."

As the years went on people heard about us  and asked us to include their building.  You will now find us in eight areas of the GTA.


Our writers are all community based people with special knowledge of what they write about, from condo management to psychology, health, tenant matters and more. We are an independent, grass-roots paper, a 12-page tabloid, published 11 times a year. It's delivered free. We count on advertising to do that.

We are always glad to hear from people who want to write, to advertise or just have something they want to share. Feel free to get in touch.






Many talents go into the making of a community newspaper. If you have an interest in this field and would like to get involved, here's how:


Sales Consultants. You can work from the privacy of your own home or office, in the area where you live, in the Greater Toronto area. You can work with local retailers, or people you know, or larger businesses. Or particular cultural groups. Maybe you have a keen interest or knowledge of some particular field, like health or fashion, real estate, technology, or other areas.


If you have a friendly, outgoing personality, and enjoy helping people make their businesses grow, becoming a Hi-Rise sales consultant may be for you.


This often suits someone who is already self-employed, and wants to branch out into something new. Or you took early retirement and want meaningful work that is both challenging and fun. You may be a new Canadian who did this kind of work in your home country and want to get Canadian experience. You may be a senior with many years of business experience. There is room for you! We offer good commission, you set your own goals and hours.

Volunteers. We have students who are getting experience in the newspaper field; some are high school students working with us to cover their required community volunteer hours. Others are communications or journalism students seeking practical experience. There may be other possibilities, for persons of any age or interest. Get in touch and let us know what you would like to do.


Writers. Most of our contributors are not professional writers, but ordinary people with knowledge and experience in their field. Let us know your interest, and ask for a copy of our Writers Guidelines.

Contact the editor/publisher, Valerie Dunn, at Valerie.dunn@bell.net

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